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The Modern Mortgage Unlimited Company is a local, independent, boutique style brokerage that is client focused and community driven. Contact us today and let’s talk about your borrowing needs!

Our Team

Andrew Young
Mortgage Broker
Sean Prosser
Mortgage Agent
Scott Gagnon
Mortgage Agent
Nick Pyette
Mortgage Agent
Elizabeth Fagg
Mortgage Agent & Customer Care Manager
Lara Cutler
Mortgage Agent
Patrick Ly
Mortgage Agent
Jesse Malek
Mortgage Agent
Rachael Bax
Client Success Manager
Andrew Said
Mortgage Agent

Andrew helped guide me through the process of buying my first house and made it simple. He explained everything to myself and my partner in terms that we could understand and he was extremely helpful along the way. I highly recommend Andrew Young. Not only were his services top notch, he's a nice guy and that's a plus when dealing with stressful things like buying a house.

I will definitely use him again next time I buy I house.

Keith G.